I am a novice when it comes to the art of photography. Starting out with a 12 megapixel Olympus SLR taking pictures of anything that was in view, but then I started landscape photography, and was hooked. I knew that this was the way I wanted to go. So it was time to find the right equipment to use to get the best photos possible. I soon learnt that there are a lot of filters, and a lot of people trying to sell you things. It was time to do some research on YouTube. After a lot of hours spent listening to the experts, I soon realized that the only filters I needed were a good polarizing filter, an ND Filter [Neutral Density filter], and of course a good lens. The lens I used for a while was the stock lens that came with my Olympus camera, it was a 16-55mm f4 and I got some very nice shots with it especially when using the nd filter to get longer exposure times. I now have a Canon 750d with a 24-105 lens and I am loving The landscape photography.
Allthough my favourite kind of Photography is landscape, I also had a go at macro photography. This again can become very expensive if you are looking to buy a macro lens. The way I started was to use macro tubes. These tubes fit onto the camera first, and then you fit your lens to the tubes.This way the lens is away from the camera and then it works like a macro lens. The macro tubes are not expensive, and can be found on EBay. Although they are not as good as a dedicated macro lens they can give you some good results. You can get some tubes that will let you use your cameras auto focus, but the ones I used you have to focus by moving the camera closer to your subject until you have a good picture. To the left you can see some photos I took using my Olympus 12 mega pixel camera and macro tubes. The tubes come in different sizes so you can get different scale to your subject, I put all of them on at the same time, and I got some good results.
My next adventure with the Photography is when I had my new Canon EOS 750D 24 mega pixel camera, This is a step into professional Photography. I then went on EBay and purchased a second hand Canon 24-105mm 1.4 L zoom lens. The prime lens can give very sharp and crisp pictures, but you can’t zoom in, you have to walk to get the picture that you want. A zoom lens can let you get the picture you are looking at without any leg work. I found that the zoom lens was a great all rounder for me. The pictures below were taken with my new setup.
As I got better at using the camera, I started using manual mode a lot. Manual mode allows you to have longer exposure times. Then you can have smokey water, and other effects. I put on my nd filter and started to play. The pictures belows are of the pier at Llandudno North Wales. I used a neutral density 3.0 Filter and an exposure time of 30 seconds. The Pier was busy with people walking up and down, but because of the long exposure time the camera did not pick up the moving people. Also the sea has been levelled. The next picture gives the smokey water effect.
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